Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System was an 8-bit cartridge-based console that utilized a 6502 processor.

DownloadRockNES 2.5.1.
DownloadEmulator Enhancer, which adds extra features to RockNES.

RockNES is the newest NES emulator for Macintosh. RockNES supports a plethora of mappers, including the FDS DiskSystem, and has excellent sound support.

Enterthe RockNES home page.
Send E-mailto Richard Bannister, who ported RockNES to Macintosh.

DownloadNestopia 1.0.9.

Nestopia is the most compatible of any NES emulator for Mac OS X. Using cycle-exact emulation, it is able to run titles that rely on precise timing, and which therefore break under other emulators. It supports five extra sound chips and an astonishing 143 mappers. This accurate emulation comes at a cost; Nestopia requires an 800MHz machine for full speed; but if you have one, this the best available NES emulation for Mac.

EnterRichard Bannister's Nestopia home page.
DownloadEmulator Enhancer, which adds extra features to Nestopia.
Enterthe Nestopia home page. Nestopia was initially developed for Windows by Martin Freij. The original sources may be downloaded from the Nestopia home page. For further details on the Macintosh sources, please see the included Read Me file.

DownloadiNES 1.2.
DownloadNavigation Services (recommended for Mac OS 8.1 and below).
DownloadGameSprockets (recommended for iNES).
RegisteriNES online with Kagi.

iNES features a highly optimized PowerPC assembly core, which allows it to run at full speed on even the slowest PowerPC-based Macintosh! iNES also has excellent compatibility with most ROMs and DiskSystem titles with almost no glitches. (The sound could use a little improvement, however.) This update features improved video emulation, and smarter mapper handling.

Enterthe iNES home page.
Enterthe Game Genie Code Creators Club, listing hundreds of Game Genie codes for the Nintendo.
Send E-mailto Marat Fayzullin, author of the iNES emulator.
Send E-mailto John Stiles, who ported iNES to Macintosh.

DownloadGrayBox 0.30.
Downloadthe source code to GrayBox.
DownloadGrayBox Z, beta 1.
Downloadthe source code to Graybox Z.

GrayBox is an open-source NES emulator for Macintosh. Designed in PowerPC assembly, GrayBox is very fast, supports several common NES mapper types, and has very good sound emulation. GrayBox Z was an attempt to redesign the architecture of the emulator and improve compatibility, but it never got very far along in development. GrayBox and GrayBox Z have both been discontinued.

Enterthe GrayBox home page. (this points to an archive of the original page)
Send E-mailto Arthur Langereis, who wrote GrayBox. (Technical inquiries only, please--no support questions will be answered.)

DownloadmacFC 0.6.5, for Mac OS X.
DownloadmacFC 0.6.6, for classic Mac OS.

macFC is another Nintendo emulator. Unfortunately, it will be difficult for most readers to use because it is entirely in Japanese. However, it supports many different mappers, can run Disk System games, and appears to have very good overall compatibility.

Enterthe macFC home page.

DownloadFCEUltra 0.97.5 (Aqua).
DownloadFCEUltra 0.97.5 (Command line).
Downloadthe source code to FCEUltra.

FCEUltra is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator that was recently ported to Mac OS X. Game compatibility is very high, given valid ROM/disk images.

Enterthe FCEUltra home page.

DownloadNESMac 0.3.6a4 for PowerPC Macs.
DownloadNESMac 0.3.6a4 for 680x0 Macs.

NESMac is a Nintendo emulator which only supports games with small cartridge sizes (mapper zero) at present; however, the games that it does emulate run quite well. Although this is a very early release, sound is supported, and games without scrolling seem to run without any glitches.

Enterthe NESMac home page.
Send E-mailto Hideki Naito, who wrote NESMac.

DownloadFakeNES 0.3.0 for OS X.

FakeNES is a portable, open-source NES emulator which is written mostly in C, using the Allegro library for cross-platform capabilities.

Enterthe FakeNES home page.
Downloada different port of FakeNES 0.3.0 for OS X.
Enteripher's FakeNES WIP page.

DownloadxNES 0.4.

xNES is another Nintendo emulator for the Mac. There is no sound support, however, and many games fail to run. Unfortunately this emulator was halted due to differences within the xNES team.

Enterthe xNES home page.
Send E-mailto Richard Bannister, who ported xNES to the Macintosh.

DownloadTileEater for PowerPC, version 1.0.1.
DownloadTileEater for 680x0, version 1.0.1.

TileEater lets you edit the graphics of an NES ROM file. It supports workspaces, palette swapping and an easy-to-use interface. If you ever thought it would be cool to hack NES ROMs, now's your chance.

DownloadROM Organizer, which can sort and rename NES ROMs.
DownloadNESBase 10, an encyclopedia of NES games. (You may need FileMaker Pro Trial Edition to read it.)
DownloadIPS Patcher.

Enterthe MESS page. (MESS is a multi-console emulator which includes support for the Nintendo.)

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