Z80Em bug list

This page features a list of currently known bugs in Z80Em, please have a look at it before sending new bug reports. Please note: Fixed - WIP means 'Fixed - work in progress'. Basically, this means the bug will be fixed in the next release version.

Description Found in Status
Bits 3 and 5 of flags register are not emulated 1.0 Open
In interrupt mode 2, the only multi-byte opcodes supported are CALL and JP 1.0 Open
LD B,RLC (IX+r) etc. opcodes are not supported 1.0 Open
LD IXh,IXl etc. opcodes aren't emulated correctly 1.1 Fixed in 1.2
LDIR and LDDR crash when DE reaches PC 1.1 Fixed in 1.2
Bits 8-15 of I/O port addresses are not decoded 1.0 Fixed in 1.2
DEC doesn't set N flag when compiled without X86_ASM #defined 1.0 Fixed in 1.1
RETN doesn't reset IFF1 1.0 Fixed in 1.1
BIT 7,X doesn't set sign flag 1.0 Fixed in 1.1
Disassembler doesn't handle DD and FD correctly 1.0 Fixed in 1.1


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Page last updated: 18-08-01