The minute we landed in San Francisco, I forgot the 10 hours spent on the plane in a terribly uncomfortable seat, and my headache acquired from listening to my neighbors’ "days of our lives" stories. For moral support I appealed to my boyfriend who fortunately had a seat right across the aisle.

Our friend, who moved to California from east coast a year ago , said: "You know, californians don’t travel a lot." "Why?", we asked. "Because, they have everything people need here!" And they do, don't they, have a lot right at hand? You know what I mean: the ocean and traditional seaside towns, mountains and ski resorts, big cities, small towns …

The most adorable californian was our friends’ doggie named Bugsy. This picture is a very rare one of peace and quiet. Usually, when he is not busy playing with his toys or running around in circles (hey, the guy is loyal to his name!), he entertains himself by trying to catch his own tail.

If you haven't been to San Francisco yet, go! See for yourself what you're missing :)