Leon Dorfman (vernikov)

Objective: A challenging position in a software application development.

Summary of Qualifications:
Extensive experience and proficiency in:
  • OOP
  • authentication & security
  • embedded systems
  • storage & SSD
  • network management & protocols
  • open source & porting software
  • Client - Server
  • GUI and cross-platform interfaces
  • hardware bringup & ODM
  • real-time
  • international software
  • virtualization
  • telephony
  • hardware diagnostics
  • cloud computing
  • with responsibility for all phases of product development cycle from conception to implementation and management.

    Languages/Databases: C, C++, Java, AWT, MFC, Windows SDK, Samba, TAPI, Java Scripts, XML, HTML, Active Directory, Tcl/Tk, OWL, DDDK, PnP Kit, Fortran, Visual Basic, MS FoxPro, Clipper, dBase, SQL, Clarion, Execute, MS Access, MS Test, Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Excel, InstallShield
    Environment/OS: MS Windows, MS DOS, Unix (Linux, SunOS, AIX), IPMITool, VxWorks, AMOS, MS Office, emacs, vi, Novell NetWare, LANMAN, PVCS, SourceSave, cvs, ClearCase, tcpdump, wireshark, ethereal

    Work Experience and Accomplishments:

    Senior Software Engineer, Cisco Systems (1997 - present)
  • Designed and implemented storage subsystem for hardware platforms of Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) product line. Integrated ServeRAID based on Adaptec RAID controller into the platforms. Created RAID-5 configuration to support fault-tolerance and data redundancy with multiple SAS HDDs. Integrated arcconf utility to configure and manage the RAID controller. Implemented the disk subsystem and the System Monitor to report the hardware failures. Integrated infrastructure with smartd Disk Monitoring utility. Worked with hardware vendors and manufacturing teams closely. Designed and implemented an infrastructure to collect hardware logs for disk/platform failure analyses. Managed the hardware platform sustaining activities. Designed and implemented the multi-threaded License Management System to sell the product. Used: C, Linux, smartd, arcconf, parted, SAS, SATA, rawio, bonnie, UART
  • Implemented supporting infrastructure to collect logs, report alarms for hardware failure, upgrade drivers and firmware. Designed the hardware resource monitor to validate the installed hardware components and to collect historical data for CPU and memory utilization. Worked with ODM company on board bring-up for new WAAS hardware platform generation. Collected BIOS, IDPROM, memory, and BMC requirements. Developed SNMPís API layer. Designed and implemented IOS based Command Line Interface (CLI) for configuration of various productís features. Used: C, Linux, IPMItool, SNMP utilities, XML
  • Architected User-Authentication and HTTP Request-Authentication multi-threaded layer based on Linux-PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) to support remote and local user's databases for WAAS product line. Enhanced Standard Unix User-Authentication PAM modules. Developed User's Authentication and Authorization software based on TACACS+, RADIUS, LDAP, and Kerberos secure protocols. Implemented user's secure Accounting over RADIUS server protocol. Created software library to collect statistical information. Submitted code changes to Linux open source development community. Installed, configured, and supported authentication servers. Integrated the Authentication layer with Samba library for Windows Domain authentication. Utilized Sniffer software to capture incoming and outgoing packets. Used: C, Linux, Linux-PAM, TCP, UDP, LDAP, RADIUS, TACACS+, NTLM, HTTP, Telnet, SSH, Active Directory, GNU debugger, HTML, Java, Java Scripts, CiscoSecure ACS, FreeRADIUS, Funk Steel-Belted RADIUS, RSA SecurID, wireshark, tcpdump, ethereal, vxWorks, SunOS
  • Developed device Discovery Protocol (CDP) for network management, based on multicast advertisement packets. Implemented protocol's drivers to support FastEthernet and GigabitEthernet interfaces, based on user's configuration. Created CDP MIB (Management Information Base) support to obtain device's configuration information. Used: C, Linux, SNMP utilities, emacs, GNU debugger
  • Architect, managed, and designed Configuration Applets in Java for Network Computers. Developed custom controls library and created cross-platform Graphical Interface. Created Wizards for fast server configuration, Upgrade Kit, and installation software. Implemented HTTP methods to set server configuration parameters though socket and obtain settings. Designed server security software layer. Created Design Specification, Development documentation, Scheduling documentation, and managed a software engineering group. Used: Visual J++, Symantec Cafe, Java, AWT, MicroLine Kit, PaintShop, Netscate Navigator Browser and Internet Explorer.
  • Prepared a presentation package and translated to Russian a meeting of American Vice President Al Gore and Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin with Cisco President John Chambers.

    Senior Software Design Engineer, Aspect Communications (1996 - 1997)
  • Designed and developed a 32-bit multi-threaded Telephony Service Provider in C++, C for Windows NT4.0. Architected and developed WinSet Telephony Software Development Kit and various samples. Implemented thread synchronization based on Critical Section and Event. Created library for serial port communications (COM). Created installation package using InstallShield script language. Used: Visual C++, MFC, Windows SDK, TAPI 2.0, SourceSafe.

    Software Design Engineer, ESS Technology (1995 - 1996)
  • Designed and architect 32-bit telephony applications in C++, C for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Developed GUI with new custom controls. Created Database structure and implemented Jet Database Engine for Address Book. Designed Import and Export features for data's conversion and compatibility with other databases. Created software animation. Implemented Calendar and Date Edit OLE Controls from Component Gallery. Developed installation package using InstallShield script language. Created Teaser and AutoRun features. Used: Visual C++ 4.1, MFC, TAPI, Jet and IDAPI Database Engines, PVCS, InstallShield
  • Developed 32-bit audio applications for AudioRack. Created custom controls and implemented in Dynamic Link Library. Designed Spatializer for 3-D sound effect. Converted 16 bit audio applications and DLL to 32-bit. Developed thunks for device drivers and for Windows sockets. Designed cross-platform Interface for Audio and CD Players, music Recorder. Used: C++, C, MFC, MS Windows SDK, MS Windows DDDK, Java, MS Windows (NT, 95, 3.1), SourceSave.
  • Implemented Plug and Play features for audio Device drivers in Windows 95. Developed PnP Device drivers for legacy environment. Used: C, Windows SDK, MS Windows DDDK, Intel PnP DDDK, MS Windows

    International Software Development Engineer (contractor), Borland International (1993 - 1995)
  • Developed international version of dBASE 5.0 for Windows in C, C++ for European market. Designed Graphical User Interface. Localized and enabled product. Used: C, C++, Translation Kit, MS Windows, Novell
  • Enabled software in C++ and C for OLE 2 Clipboard Protocol implementation. Enhanced and fixed bugs in a software related to Database Engine for the next generation of the product. Saved changes under Version Control System. Used: C++, C, MFC, OWL, Windows SDK, MS Windows (95, 3.1), Novell, PVCS
  • Designed and developed new functionality for Translation Kit. Implemented Install Engine and Scene Generator. Developed tools for new build quality control. Used: C, dBase for Windows, MS Windows (95, 3.1)

    International Software Engineer (contractor), Novell (1994)
  • Designed and developed Automated Testing application software for OLE, DDE, and ObjectExchange functions implemented in embedded Object Oriented Language. Developed automated regression test scripts for localized at 10 languages Quattro PRO for Windows. Implemented it for client-server applications. Used: C++, MFC, OWL, Windows SDK, MS Windows 3.1, Novell
  • Designed Dynamic Link Library and tools in C for MS Test and for automated scripts developing.
  • Designed and developed Automated applications and regression scripts in MS Test for MultiDocument Interface and internal product features testing.

    Software Engineer (contractor), Information Management Systems (1993 - 1994)
  • Developed algorithms for statistical analysis applications and coded them in Execute (similar to SQL). System included a PC-Network based on Motorola 68000 microprocessors. Responsibilities included multi-user Graphical Interface design in AlphaMicro environment, database design, PC to 68000 communications.
  • Designed and implemented health-care software for Eastfield Ming Quang community. Tested and debugged software package.

    Software Engineer (contractor), SimulTrans (1993)
  • Developed graphical and cross-platform interfaces for Microsoft products. Localized software in multi-user environment. Used: MS FoxPro, Visual Basic, MS Excel, MS Windows for WorkGroups, Novell.
  • Developed and implemented on-line help system for MS FoxPro in Windows environment. Used: MS Source Library Manager, MS HelpDriver, LANMAN.
  • Prepared glossary for software localization. Developed application in C for data conversion.

    Summary of Education:
    1996 - 1999 Stanford University, California. School of Engineering.
    M.S. in Computer Science
    1989 - 1990 Chemnitz Technical University, Chemnitz, Germany.
    B.S. in Electrical Engineering
    1982 - 1989 Moscow University, Moscow, Russia.

    Personal: U.S. Citizenship