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Alcanna Project
Alcatel One Touch Cellular Data Manager


Current version supports
OT500 OT501 OT700 OT701 OT715 OT535 OT735

Why it you need?

Well, so interesting question...

All started from times, when Loki make plans to patch Alcatel BE5 Original Flash with Cyrillic instead existing Umlauts.  When this works was finished, standard Alcatel IntelliSync starts work incorrectly with new flash. All searching for new and correct synchronizer don't bring us any results, and we goes to thing about our own Sync Software for our favorite cell phone.

Most features

  • Supports OT 500/501/700/701, OT 715, OT 535 and OT 735 models.
  • Works via standard RS232 interface cable and via IrDA Serial interface.
  • Full support for Cyrillic for BF5 (UCS2) and BE5 (124-4R Flash supported).
  • Independent working, without any another Organizer Software (Outlook, Notes, etc) installed.
  • Flexibility Tree-oriented database design.
  • Full-featuring editing and searching.
  • Fast synchronization with Cell devices, also allowing to full backup and restoring all data from and to device.
  • Working with Memory PhoneBook, SIM PhoneBook, ToDo records, Calendar records, Lost, Accepted and Dialed memory sections.
  • For Calendar records advanced recurrent events entering also allowed!
  • vCalendar, vCard, Comma Separated standards for import and export data.
  • Sending, Receiving, Editing and Archiving SMS Messages.
  • Support for Cyrillic SMS Messages.
  • Support for long SMS Messages sending and receiving (Automatic Cut and Paste).
  • And more...



New version released.
Virtual COM port Detector added.

New version released.
Localization module for Central Europe. Somme minor changes,

Some adds in Downloads. English FAQ started.

New version released.
OT 735 support.

New version released.
Czech language module. Minor updates.

On account of long time testing of last Alcanna version, intermediate version presents for download. This truncated version without Czech localization module.

New version released.
Czech localization module added.

TextPainter 128x128
in Downloads.

Some updates in Downloads.

New version released.
Inside corrections.

Some adds in Downloads section.

New version released.
EMS reading error checked.

New version released.
Support for OT 535 model.
Arbitrary structured CSV importing.

New version released.
Some Ukrainian characters supported.

New version released.
Database repairing tool added.

You could try to open WAP page :)

New version released.
Minor updates in synch process.

New version released.
Minor updates.

New version released.
Minor updates.

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