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Alcanna Project
Alcatel One Touch Cellular Data Manager

Where i can get this?


AlcannaInstaller.exe Alcanna. Actual version. You can make localization module for Alcanna for your own language! Just download this file, contains all needed resources and short instruction.
Alcanna.chm Help for Alcanna on Russian. Copyright © Loki
  OT 715 / OT 535 Stuff Converter BMP -> EMS-compatible PIC. (c) kvad (Perm) Converter ASCII Text - > WAP converter. (c) Andrey Simanov Alcanna - MS Outlook synchronizer. (c) Andrey Simanov Converter ASCII Text - > Bitmap. (c) Andrey Simanov Converter AMR -> WAV && WAV->AMR
Converter ASCII Text - > Bitmap. Allows convert large texts, dowload'em to phone and then read using small fonts. (c) Belmas Oleg. Patched DLL for IntelliSync for 715 russian support.
CustomizationTools.rar Truncated PC Suite for 715, contains Creation Studio and Content Manager.
Good Bad and Ugly.mid My favorite song :) for 715
G-B-U.AMR And for 535. :)
  BE5 (OT 500/501/700/701) Stuff Patched BE5 124-4R flash with Russian input supported and my favorite melody. :) All waht you need for flashing BE5 Patched DLL for IntelliSync for 124-4R Russian encoding support. Technical details for 124-04 to 124-4R changes. May be interested only for specialists.
datapc_v1.2.exe IntelliSync for BE5.

What can i do?

Just download AlcannaInstaller.exe and start this for install. The working sequence below:

  1. Install
  2. Create new database, better in My Documets folder for more porotectivity.
  3. Setting up COM-port.
  4. Import ALL data from your Cellular Device (all most Cell operations placed on left gray pannel).
  5. Use Synchronize when you need.

Just music :)