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"Белые одежды"

since February 14th, 1997,
(since August 9th 
at komkon)
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This Web-page is presented in Russian, and it's dedicated to some educative medical materials, "something-to-read", to some interesting people and whatever comes up down the stream.
If things go well new materials will be added every now and then, if not - just take what you have right now. 
Development of this page is not supported officially, - you may call it private, I'd call it even accidental - it's really hard to predict if it has any future. However, it still here after a while.
I have to applogize to English-speaking users, as following materials are presented in Russian. Anywayl, I believe some of those pages will soon be translated in English. It's just the matter of time. Long time, actually :)

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