Broad experience in commercial software architecture and development. Experience in all stages of software development lifecycle.
High performance, high-availability, big data, secure reliable systems.
Experienced team and project lead, work well with customers. Agile and eXtreme Programming practitioner and mentor.
Quality advocate, self-motivated, excellent verbal and written communication skills.  


Experience software architecture, technical leadership, all stages of a project life-cycle, team player and independent contributor.
Background commercial large-scale application design, high-performance, high-availability, reliable systems, security, client/server and multi-tier systems, middleware, data flow design, database integration, big data, concurrency.
Technologies Java, .Net, C++/C, SQL, awk, JavaScript, Python, FORTRAN
Agile PSM, PSD, LeSS

Work Experience

Improving Enterprises, College Station, TX
10/08 - present
Principal Consultant

Full project outsourcing, working closely with the customers to deliver high-value solutions.
Estimates, architecture and design, implementation, testing, integration, performance analysis, build and test infrastructure.

Iterative development to fully understand customer needs and build the best possible solution on schedule and on budget. 
Tools: Windows, .Net, WCF, WPF, MbUnit, Java, JUnit, JasperReports, IBM DB2, MySQL
Intuit, San Diego, CA
Sr.Software Engineer
Consumer Tax Group

Scalable, robust, high-performance, multi-platform web-based consumer tax software.
Designed new features, uncovered problems, designed solutions architechture.
Implemented "My TurboTax fees" display, which reduced customer call volume by 20%.

Introduced architectural change into legacy application: a component-based middleware solution to handle user data. Improved code modularity, introduced unit-testing, identified and fixed performance bottlenecks, addressed security concerns.

Worked with tax developers, QA and Performance-testing teams, participated in user experience design. Mentored junior team members.

Tools: Solaris, Mac OS X, Java, C++, perl, awk, Oracle, JavaScript, XML, Apache Tomcat, Wily Introscope
San Diego, CA
02/03  -  4/06
Sr.Software Engineer

Identity Theft detection and prevention.

High-availability high-performance application server, modular client interfaces via SOA, MQ Series, SFTP, etc.. Large data sets, secure data handling, reliable delivery.

Over 1.3mln records processed daily, 24/7 service availability, over 1000GB of data.
Designed, implemented and deployed large-scale custom projects.

Project planning, spec development, mentoring, working with clients, vendors, QA and IT groups.

Tools: Linux,Java, MySQL, JellyScript, awk, Tomcat, Jetty, OpenSSL, MQ systems, multithreading
TradeWeb, New York, NY
01/01  -  01/03
Sr.Software Developer
Client-Side Software

Universal Trading Platform  
Added features to distributed trading system, defined and created APIs, implemented electronic trading protocols. Price parameters calculations, information flow, database support.  Implemented system-wide billing system.
Created SNMP-based monitoring and management for the cluster running the trading system.

Multithreading, high-performance, file and process replication.

Tools: WindowsNT/2000Pro, C++, TCP/UDP sockets, RogueWave, SNMP, Perl, MS SQLServer
Tullet & Tokyo Liberty,

New York, NY
04/00  -  12/00
Sr.Software Developer
Systems Department

Electronic trading systems
Maintained and enhanced financial applications for fixed income trading. Created a framework for electronic trading client, built a volume trading tool.

Designed, developed and deployed information flow system (US Treasuries, Corporate Bonds, Repos, etc.) Designed and developed library and application system to publish real-time on Reuters and green screens.

Tools: Solaris 2.7, WinNT 4.0,C/C++, Perl, SQL, RogueWave, TCP/UDP sockets, Reuters
Sun Microsystems,
Menlo Park, CA
11/99  -  03/00
Software Consultant
Security Services

Solaris Smartcard Project, based on Open Card Framework.
Solaris Smartcard software suit: Smartcard server daemon, OCF implementation, various clients.

Tools: Java, Java native methods (JNI), C, OCF, SunRPC, Solaris 2.8
Mountain View, CA
01/98  -  11/99
Software Developer
Core Technology, Security

Netscape security technology (PKI architecture)

Added functionality to encryption libraries. Designed and implementated a PKI-security manager application.
Worked on PKCS11 and PKCS7 modules, implemented Diffie-Hellman key generation (PKCS3 module). SSL library API design and documentation.

Tools: C, Perl. OO programming, multithreaded environment. SunOS, HPUX, Irix, Linux, Windows
INTEL Corporation,
Santa Clara, CA
Summer ‘97
Software Engineering Intern
Cal. Tech. and Manufacturing

Built a visual software tool to create a wafer test pattern. Created binary data interpreter to convert binary data in HP Basic internal format to formatted ASCII

Tools: WinNT, HPUX, Tcl/Tk, C, HP Basic


University of Illinois,
Urbana, IL
MS in Computer Science
Boston University,
Boston, MA 
BS in Computer Science, minor in Economics

Professional Achievements

Invited speaker at conferences and events nationwide.
Lead AggielandDNUG, monthly user group focused on technology.
Lead Brazos Valley Project Managers meetup, a venue of Houston Project Management Institute.