Roman M. Parparov
Phone: x5205, 0507341834
Birthdate: 18/04/1975 Address: 39818 Tel-Aviv 61397 Marital status: Married

An experienced Information Systems developer and manager looking for a position in the field of Information and Knowledge Management.

Programming Languages: PERL, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript, Scheme, Assembler Vax-11, Pascal, XML/XSL, HDF.

Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX (SunOS, IRIX, Tru64), MS Windows NT, 95.

Databases: Oracle, mySQL.



2002-2004 - B.A. in CS - Holon Academic Institute of Technology, 2004.
Currently M. Sc. student in Sciences of Business Administration, Tel-Aviv University (last year)


3/1999 - Present Tel-Aviv University Tel-Aviv, Israel NASA EOSDIS center.
Technical Manager.
  • Led a team of two programmers in creation and maintenance of the distributed data center for NASA EOSDIS network at Tel-Aviv University.
  • Developed technical specifications for the site.
  • Served as a system admininstrator of project's computers - various UNIX flavors.
  • Created software for data processing and database ingestion. Created CGI interfaces for scientific applications.
  • Administered Oracle database.
  • Worked closely with TAU scientists and the NASA team in the USA.
  • Technical achievements:
    • The product delivers a robust WWW Gateway to hundreds of gigabytes of scientific data including a shop-like data ordering system and various display features. The URL is
    • The major achievements with the Gateway were:
      1. First ever port of the Gateway to Linux, including a patch in 2.0.36 kernel include files.
      2. Patching some PERL libraries of the gateway.
      3. Patching and installation of freeWAIS server.
    • Created a fully-functional WWW interface to scientific data processing program GrADS (
Development is performed in PERL, C and Oracle SQL.
Protocols: TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, SMTP.
OSes: IRIX 6.4, Solaris 5.7 and Linux 2.2.
1/2001 - 2/2002ExaNet Ltd., Hertzliya, Israel
Senior Consultant [part time]
  • Led a team of four developers in a project of providing an interface to managing of a complicated hardware system
  • Created specification, development and deployment plans for the product
  • Coded the less trivial parts of the product
  • Read a series of lectures on Perl for the company employees
  • Achievements
  • A robust tool with both CLI and Web interface was completed on time.
  • The tool was successfully integrated with both proprietary and vendor packages
  • The specifications and development documentation paved an easy way to improve the product
  • Greatly improved the knowledge of Perl in the company
Development was performed in PERL, XML/XSLT, HTML, bash, tcsh
OSes: Linux 2.2, Tru64
12/1997 - 3/2000 Israeli Air Force HQ Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Operational Requirements Dept. Lieutenant-Engineer.
  • Managed the equipment purchase and upgrade projects in the areas of Air picture and meteorology. Due to security reasons description of most projects are omitted.
  • Led development of an innovative radar system for detection of flocks of birds in an area and warning the flying crafts about them. Created operational specifications, deployment and test plans for this system.
  • Led development of new meteorological forecast mechanism adjusted for the Mediterranean area. Created project operational specs and deployment plan.
  • Management achievements:
    • Israeli Air Force drastically improved the quality of its Meteorological surveillance and forecast.
    • Israeli Air Force has received unique tools for dealing with Bird Air Strike Hazard.
6/1997 - 7/1998 Doarnet Ltd. Tel Aviv, Israel.
Senior programmer.
  • In an Internet-based start-up led a team of two programmers in creating the first ever WWW-based email program with full Hebrew support.
  • Developed the product specifications. Modified and integrated various free software (Apache, Imapd) according to the project specifications.
Development was performed in PERL, C and SQL. The database used was MySQL.
OSes: IRIX, Linux
1/1996 - 4/1997 Intel Israel Ltd. Haifa, Israel. Network engineer.
  • Supported local area network of the Haifa Division of Intel Ltd. physically and logically.
  • Developed command-line and WWW-based tools for the network support team.
  • Designed and administered group's Web site.
Development was performed in PERL.
Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, SNMP, SMTP.
OSes: AIX, Solaris.
Academic projects:

Bash Transparent FTP enhancement (1996)
Added an ability to access remote files via a TCP/IP network to Bourne Again Shell.
Development was performed in C on OSF/1 and Linux.
Protocols: TCP/IP, FTP.
SNMP Monitoring tool for INTEL Haifa LAN (1997)
Created an CGI mechanism integrated with SNMP tools to allow the Network engineers to trace existing LAN connections at any of their stages - desktop, TO, panel, Hub, etc.
Development was performed in PERL on AIX and Linux.

Protocols used: TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP.
References: Available upon request.
Personal: Israeli citizen.