Sergey Grinkrug

13912 Lullaby Rd

Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: (240) 686-0062




Senior Software Engineer, Project Lead

Served as a project leader on multiple projects, taking them through full development lifecycle, including initial investigation, creating use cases, collecting and formalizing business and data requirements, designing data models and databases, developing test cases and test plans.


Managed activities of the project team, assignments, code reviews, testing and reporting. Met with clients on a regular basis, discussing project status, progress, and required changes. Planed and managed application deployments and version releases.


Participated in creating of the development standards and procedures for the organization.  One of my projects was used as a test case during evaluation for CMMI level two compliance.



Senior Software Engineer, Team Technical Lead:

Perot Systems/SOZA

Supported and maintained VMACS – a client-server grant management application.  Developed new version of the DELPRO Engine to ensure the compatibility with changes in CIT hardware requirements, allowing an MS SQL Server C language application to communicate with a 3270-based IMS application running on an IBM mainframe.  During that project reevaluated and changed program design, which improved application reliability and decreased its maintenance time significantly.


As a technical leader of the eCMS project, designed and developed a significant part of the application, the Administration Module which is 3-4 times as complicated as the previous 7+ modules, and which was developed in 1/3 the time of the original modules.  Performed code analysis and review, provided day-to-day guidance to the team members.  Reviewed and improved database design of the application. Wrote and reviewed functional specifications for the project. Participated in defining and collection of customer’s requirements for the application.  Implemented independent quality assurance procedures and policies for the project.  Initiated usage of the standard industry accepted methods of bug definition, bug tracking, solution process, which has improved product reliability significantly.

Performed in-depth analyses of the products, database versions, and COTS software integrated with the eCMS, to ensure full data conversion during the switching of the versions of the software.  When staff changeover occurred, reviewed resumes, conducted technical interviews and made recommendations as to candidates’ capabilities and potential usage on the team.


Bethesda, MD

June 2000 – present


Software Engineer, Technical Lead:                                      


Developed internal web site using ASP, IIS and SQL server technologies. Participated in a several web projects, developing code in ASP and JavaScript.  Developed COM objects.


Rockville, MD

Nov 1999 –

June 2000


Software Engineer:


Maintain and enhance XDB SQL Wizard, a GUI interface for an XDB Database server written in C/C++ using XVT libraries. Design, code and unit test software from customers’ specifications. Work closely with technical support staff to provide effective response to customers’ problems


Rockville, MD

June 1998 – Nov 1999


Software Engineer:                                                     

Cable & Wireless, Inc

Developed code for the client-server web-interface software written in Java. Developed native Windows interface for Java written in C++.

Participated in installation and configuration of the application


Vienna, VA

Jan 1998 – May 1998




Sequoia Software

Maintained and enhanced code for client-server document/image flow software written in Visual C++ and Delphi.



Columbia, MD

Oct 1997 – Jan 1998



Software Engineer:                                                     


Maintained code in VC++ for the CS-CIMS under MS Windows.

Wrote bug tracking application for internal usage, with GUI in VB and using MS Access as the database. Developed installation scripts for the company products using InstallShield.  Performed testing and created Software Requirement Specifications for automated testing.  Developed SQL scripts for Oracle and Sequel Server.

Reston, VA

May 1996 – Sept 1997




Research Assistant:                                                                    


               Developed software in FORTRAN-77 for statistical processing of experimental data under VMS. Designed and developed software used in university-level computer courses.

Moscow, Russia Sept 1991 – Feb 1993



University of Maryland at College Park.                              

Bachelor of Science. Computer Science

College Park, MD

Jan 1994 – May 1998


Moscow Automobile Building Institute (MABI)

Completed 3 out of 5 years towards BS in Engineering, including extensive courses in mechanical and civil engineering, as well as mathematics and physics.

Moscow, Russia

Sept 1989 – Dec 1993


Knowledge of and use of total software lifecycle management, involving customers, analysts, developers, testers and subject matter experts so as to develop applications that fulfill customer requirements.

Knowledge of and use of equipment analysis methodologies to choose the best set of hardware to fit a needed environment.

Knowledge of and use of networking and communications technologies to understand the functionality available for application production operations.

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT 4.0, Windows9x, Windows 2000, and MS-DOS.

DBMS’s: Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, 2000, Oracle, MS Access, DB2, and XDB.

Languages: C++, C, Visual C++, C#, Visual BASIC, Visual Basic .NET, Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Pascal, InstallShield, Perl, CGI, and ASP

COTS applications: MS Office, SQL Plus, MS Visual Studio, Borland JBuilder, Borland C++, and Builder. IIS

Additional technologies: COM, DCOM, ADO, ActiveX, and .NET



Available upon request



US Citizen