These are the people from whom I (hopefully) have inherited in science after my Master's level. (I am also indebted to Igor Kozhukhov and Sergey Bezriadin for their excellent teaching at the Physics and Mathematics High School No. 1030 in Zelenograd where I got most of my basic training, and to Yuri Bogdanov who inspired my interest in applied statistics.)


Probability and statistics,
Moscow State University,
Steklov Mathematical Institute,


Statistics and Econometrics,
New Economic School,
Central Economics and Mathematics Institute,
Income Distribution,
Russian-European Centre for Economic Policy,
(now Centre for Economic and Financial Research),
New Economic School,
World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki,


Me :-)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dept. of Statistics, 2000- New Economic School,
1996-1998, MSc
Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering,
1990-1996, MEE
Phys & Math High School
No. 1030 / 1557
Zelenograd, 1988-1990