Statalist on the (dis)merits of Stata

Here is a small random collection of links to the discussion of Stata stronger and weaker points at the statalist collected by Stas Kolenikov. It is not meant to be representative of what is going on at the list, but rather exemplification of what can be.

Statalist FAQ -- read first!

Comparisons with other packages

If you want to compare Stata to a specific package, just type the name of it in the Search prompt.

Stata 7 versus S-Plus 2000 ?

Stata versus R 1 2

Stata vs SPSS

Stata vs. SAS and SPSS: pretty long discussion and some followups

Stata vs GAUSS

Stata vs Matlab

Speed considerations and comparisons

Other software reviews: 1 2



Praises are too multiple to be mentioned :).

Technical capabilities and benchmarks

These are comments and replies by William Gould, the founder and the President of Stata Corp.

Bill Gould on North America Stata User Group Meeting

Stata and 4Gbyte data files: 1 2

Computation speed (vs. Stata 6)

Memory use and allocation

Stata 7 release announcement

Statistical and Stata-ical discussions

Bonferroni adjustment discussion

Bootstrapping difficult cases: no if, and some precautions for survey data

Marginal effects and panel tobit

Maximum likelihood with Stata:
feasible initial values,...

Discussion on missing data

Multidimensional scaling

White (robust / cluster / Huber) variance estimator

Tests for heteroskedasticity in panel models

Multiple outcomes in panel data 1 2

Panel models:
Ordered panel models
IV regression

Polynomial Distributed Lags

Principal components analysis with missing values

Probit vs GEE

Programming in Stata


Sample selection models 1 2 3

Simultaneous probit models

Stepwise models

Stata <-> SQL: 1

Survival time models: 1

Survey analysis: sampling design and weights

t- or z- in IV regression?


Access to the most useful commands

Interfaces to text editors. TextPad: 1 2

(also a bit on Emacs and ESS) (see also replies to those messages)

Personal key files for Stata search engine

Stata webpages

(see also Stata resources at Stata website)

Statistical Software Components archive

Stas Kolenikov

Guillaume R. Frechette

GLLAMM page by Sophia Rabe-Hesketh