Cosmo Fighter 3

New (19-8-2001): A demo version for the ColecoVision is now available! Download the CosmoFighter 3 demo!

As commander of the Cosmo Fighters, you have successfully defended the planet Xunor from an Alien Attack in Cosmo Fighter 2. Unfortunately, you have failed to destroy the enemy fleet entirely. And now, after two years of peace in the galaxy, it's back and once again seeking destruction! Again, you'll have to face a dangerous fleet of enemy fighters before facing the final challenge - the evil Zox himself!

Cosmo Fighter 3 will be available soon for ColecoVision, Coleco ADAM and MSX2.

Pictures from the ADAM/MSX2 version:

cosmo3_1.gif (23134 bytes) cosmo3_2.gif (21887 bytes) cosmo3_3.gif (24480 bytes) cosmo3_4.gif (27839 bytes)

Pictures from the ColecoVision demo:

cosmo3_5.gif (19736 bytes) cosmo3_6.gif (21346 bytes) cosmo3_7.gif (19439 bytes)


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