Classic system development

NEW (19-8-2001): A demo version of Cosmo Fighter 3 is now available!

On this page you can find software I wrote for classic systems, such as the ColecoVision and the MSX.

ColecoVision noise generator
I wrote this program to be able to study the sound output of the ColecoVision sound chip.

Cosmo Fighter 2 ColecoVision game
The first ColecoVision game I released is a basic shoot em before they shoot you.

Super Cosmo Fighter Coleco ADAM game
Super Cosmo Fighter MSX2 game
The Super versions of the Cosmo Fighter 2 game add some new enemies, a high score table and feature various other enhancements.

Vision-8 is a portable CHIP8 emulator. Among others, ColecoVision, Coleco ADAM and MSX versions are available.

Writing ColecoVision games with Hi-Tech C
A C library and two example games, complete with source code, are included.


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