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About fMSX 2.0 (10-4-99): A while ago, Marat released fMSX 2.0b for the Unix platform. This is a beta version containing lots of new bugs. I will port this version to MS-DOS, but I'm too busy at the moment to do so. Please, don't e-mail me asking when fMSX MS-DOS 2.0 will be released, as I do not know this. I ignore such e-mails.

Marat has made an MS-Windows version of fMSX himself, which might be of interest. For more information, go to Marat's fMSX MS-Windows page.

fMSX is a portable emulator for the MSX2 Home Computer. Original code was written by Marat Fayzullin, additional coding and porting to the MS-DOS platform was done by me.

fMSX MS-DOS and utilities

fMSX MS-DOS 1.6b2.a (5-9-97)
fMSX MS-DOS 1.6b2.a Documentation
fMSX MS-DOS Documentation Japanese
fMSX MS-DOS Documentation Brazilian Portuguese
fMSX MS-DOS Documentation Spanish
A program to create tape images.
MSXTAPE documentation
This is a utility that can be used to create disk images.
Utilities to read/write disk images written by Arnold Metselaar.
PSG2MID 2.01
A PSG Sound File to MIDI converter.
PSG2MID 2.01 sources
MSX.sbk 1.00
Sound font file for use with MIDI files created by PSG2MID.
A program that converts PSG files to YM files to be used with the YM-player ST-Sound, written by Niklas Pennskog.
YAYA 1.2c
MS-DOS based front end for fMSX-DOS written by Francesco Maida.
MSX Menu 1.02
Windows 3.1 based front end for fMSX MS-DOS written by Lars Lindgard.

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