M2000 distribution site

M2000 is a portable emulator for the P2000 home computer, written by me. If you want to write additional drivers for M2000, please, contact me first. For more information, look at the documentation and feel free to look at the source code.

M2000 and utilities

M2000 0.6
The M2000 source code. Includes MS-DOS, Linux/SVGALib and Unix/X drivers.
M2000 MS-DOS 0.6 binaries
Precompiled MS-DOS binaries.
M2000 0.6 documentation
Technical P2000 information
Tape converter
A program to convert P2000 tapes to M2000 tape images. Includes MS-DOS executables, sources and documentation.
M2000 Builder
Windows 95/NT based front end for M2000.

Other pages of interest

A P2000-related archive is located at ftp.komkon.org.


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