Borland C++ Builder page

On this page you can download some of the programs I've written using Borland C++ Builder, an excellent visual C++ compiler for Windows NT and Windows 95.

TClipboardViewer is a component that allows clipboard monitoring.
TFloatUpDown is similar to the standard TUpDown except it uses double precision floating point numbers instead of short integers to hold the position.
TExtOpenDialog and TExtSaveDialog
TExtOpenDialog and TExtSaveDialog are similar to TOpenDialog and TSaveDialog, but include support for custom dialog templates and hook procedures. Also added is the property DynamicChangeDefaultExt to support automatic changing of the default extension in case a different filter is selected by the user.

Vision-8 sources & executables
Vision-8 is a portable chip 8 emulator. The MS-Windows version uses DirectX and was build using Borland C++ Builder.
M2000 Builder 1.1 executables
M2000 Builder 1.1 sources
M2000 Builder is a front end for M2000 MS-DOS.
ADAMEmMam 1.1 executables
ADAMEmMam 1.1 sources
ADAMEmMam is a front end for ADAMEm MS-DOS.
BMP2PP 1.1 executables
BMP2PP 1.1 sources
BMP2PP is a program that converts Windows bitmap images to ADAM PowerPaint images and vice-versa.


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