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ADAMEm is a portable Coleco ADAM and ColecoVision emulator, written by me. If you want to write additional drivers for ADAMEm, please, contact me first. For more information, look at the documentation and feel free to look at the source code.

ADAMEm and utilities

ADAMEm 1.0 (23-2-99)
Includes MS-DOS, Linux/SVGALib and Unix/X drivers.
ADAMEm MS-DOS 1.0 binaries
ADAMEm 1.0 documentation
ADAMEm Acorn
This port has been done by David McEwen.
ADAMEmMam 1.1 (4-3-99)
Windows 95/NT based front end for ADAMEm MS-DOS.
Col2Mid 1.1
Coleco Sound File to MIDI converter.
Col2Mid 1.1 MS-DOS binaries
MS-DOS utility to create disk images.
Use "DCOPY [drive] [file name] /S:8 /H:1 /T:40" for standard ADAM disks. Non-standard disks may need different switches, and may need to be converted (see below). If you have a Unix system, you can create disk images with "cp /dev/fd1 newdisk.dsk" or similar commands.
EOS disk utilities 1.0 (9-4-97)
Various EOS disk image utilities.
EOS disk utilities 1.0 MS-DOS binaries
Tapeconv 1.0 (31-1-97)
Utility to convert ADAM tapes to ADAMEm tape images.
Tapeconv 1.0 MS-DOS binaries
ConvDisk 1.1 (9-4-97)
Utility to convert disk images from/to non-standard disks.
ConvDisk 1.1 MS-DOS binaries
This utility allows you to use your non-standard ADAM disks (e.g. 320Kb ones), with ADAMEm. Following is a list of ADAM disk types known to exist:
Type Size Heads Tracks Sectors/Track Interleave
Standard 5.25" 160K 1 40 8 5
Double sided 5.25" 320K 2 40 8 5
Quad size 5.25" 640K 2 80 8 4
Double sided 3.5" 720K 2 80 9 4
High density 3.5" 1,44M 2 80 18 4
If anyone knows about more available disk types, please let me know so I can include them in this list.
PowerPaint utilities 1.0 (9-4-97)
Utilities to convert bitmaps to PowerPaint format and vice-versa.
PowerPaint utilities 1.0 MS-DOS binaries
PowerPaint utilities Win32
Requires Win95 or WinNT 4.0.

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